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Emily Boyd Jewellery is passionate about empowering people to feel self love by providing them with high quality, artisan jewellery that accentuate the wearer's natural beauty. Born out of a love to create and an appreciation for hand crafted objects, Emily loves to make minimalist jewellery inspired by nature and the environment. 


Where ever possible, Emily uses only eco-friendly materials. This means that her jewellery is created from recycled materials and is produced in a sustainable way. This is incredibly important for Emily as she truly believes that as consumers and makers, we should take every opportunity to be as kind to the Earth as possible. 


Emily lives in Moruya Heads, Australia. She is inspired by the ocean and coastal environment, where she spends her days designing and creating jewellery. She has completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries at Victoria University in Melbourne.

Emily creates each piece by hand with love and intention.

A true passion for jewellery making ensures a high level of craftsmanship and guarantees to bring joy and happiness into the wearer's life. 

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